Creation of a plan to restructure a debtor's business and restore its financial health. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary
See also: reorg; corporate action

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reorganization re‧or‧gan‧i‧za‧tion [riːˌɔːgənaɪˈzeɪʆn ǁ -ˌɔːrgənə-] also reorganisation noun [countable, uncountable]
1. the process of changing the structure and working arrangements of a company or organization:

• the latest in a long string of corporate reorganizations

• The three new posts were created in the reorganization of the company's business groups.

2. FINANCE the act of officially organizing a company and its finances in a new way because it has become bankrupt:

• The company has until 3 March to file a reorganization plan.

• They may seek protection from creditors in a Chapter 11 reorganization (= a reorganization under US bankruptcy law ) .

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reorganization UK US (UK also reorganisation) /riːˌɔːgənaɪˈzeɪʃən/ US  /riːˌɔrgənəˈzeɪʃən/ noun [C or U]
HR, MANAGEMENT, WORKPLACE a change in the way that something such as a company is organized, in order to improve it: »

corporate reorganization


broad/major/massive reorganization


a radical/sweeping reorganization

announce a reorganization »

The company may announce a reorganization of management before the end of this year.

LAW, FINANCE, WORKPLACE in the US, a change in the way a company and its finances are organized after it has gone bankrupt: »

reorganization costs


a plan of reorganization/reorganization plan


The New York-based investment firm was a member of the company's creditors committee during its recent bankruptcy reorganization.

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